Branwen ClayBranwen Clay
Passed 1st Time!
Andrew was a star from start to finish. I only had 3 weeks until my test and my previous Instructor had cancelled on me and thought it was too soon. I found Andrews number on Google and he answered straight away and booked an appointment that week! I felt Very reassured. As soon as I saw him I knew he was going to be a good driving instructor he seemed kind and professional. He took me driving around the block and taught me so much in just that hour and a half. He was very attentive and quick to correct me and help me understand if I was doing something wrong, better yet everything he was telling me made practical sense so it didn't feel like I was doing random over the top things to pass my test. When doing manoeuvres he would first let me do it the way I saw fit which felt very empowering but if I wasn’t happy with it he would teach me new ways and let me pick which technique worked best for me. The LDC workbook was very helpful for this because it had clear diagrams. I think the student lead teaching is a very good method and Andrew used it perfectly. When preparing for the test Andrew was so helpful and he took me around my test centre location so much that by test day there was no type of road or roundabout that I hadn’t covered. Andrew was a steady reliable figure the whole time who never stopped believing in me. He knew I could do it and that made me feel the same. I passed first time with only four minors and I really have Andrew to thank. Also his cars nice and has cruise control.

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